Owatonna Tennis Association Ladder

Register for tennis ladder by contacting tennis pro, Matt Hokanson at (218) 407-0742 or by email
matthokansontennis@gmail.com. Please include your name, email address, and phone number!


What is the OTA Tennis Ladder?

The OTA Tennis Ladder is an ongoing tennis league.  Players will occupy positions on a “ladder” and can challenge other players on the ladder.  Play whenever you want, wherever you want, as often as you want, whoever you want (within the rules set forth below).  Challenge up and defeat a player on the ladder and move up to their position.  The tennis ladder will allow you to meet new players and play as many matches as you would like.

When does the ladder start and end?

The ladders will start on June 1, 2021.

Where may matches be played?

Matches may be played indoors or outdoors within Owatonna.  In general, the person being challenged will have the right to choose their home court–that is, the location where they desire to play.  Where possible, please agree on a court that is mutually convenient for both players.  OTA ladder matches are not exempt from the normal court fees associated with playing indoors at West Hills.

If I’m playing in another league, can I combine one of my league matches as a challenge match?


What if I’m not good enough?

Everyone is good enough.  The idea is to play, play, play, and have fun.  The ladder will have an upper and lower division  You can enter whichever division you feel most comfortable.  Players at the top of the lower division may challenge into the bottom of the upper division.  Throughout the ladder season players will tend to rise or fall to a position on the ladder where those above and below them are of a similar skill level. 

How does the ladder really work?

A player can challenge another player up to five spots above them on the ladder and the players schedule a mutually convenient time to play their challenge match.  If the challenger wins, the challenger moves up and takes the spot of the person he/she challenged, and the opponent will be bumped down one spot.

When can I sign up?

Any time.  Everyone joining the ladder will have one free challenge anywhere on the ladder.  After that, you may challenge up to 5 spots above you.

How do I sign up and report scores?

Contact our tennis pro, Matt Hokanson at (218) 407-0742 or at email him at matthokansontennis@gmail.com.  All we need is your name, email address, and phone number.

How will I know my current position on a ladder?

On a weekly basis the updated ladder and match scores will be posted on the OTA website, owatonnatennis.com, and at the West Hills Tennis Center.  As well, a current contact list of players and their contact information will be posted.



  1. There is up upper and lower division to the singles ladder.
  2. Males and females will play on the same ladder.
  3. The tennis ladder season will begin June 1, 2021.
  4. You may only issue one challenge at a time (you must play your challenge match before making a new challenge).
  5. You can only be challenged by one player at any given time.  This prevents outstanding challenges from accumulating against you.
  6. You may challenge up to five spots above you, with one exception–a player’s first challenge on the ladder can be anywhere on the ladder.
  7. If the challenge is successful, you will take the spot of the person you challenge and your opponent will be bumped down one spot.
  8. Challenge matches, once scheduled, cannot be cancelled due to changes in the ladder.  For example, if player A (#20) challenges player B (#15) and schedules a match, and prior to playing the match player A defeats player C (#12), even though B is apparently out of A’s range, B is still obligated to play A, and if A wins, A moves from #20 to #12.
  9. To make a challenge, contact an opponent by phone or email (a contact list will be posted on the OTA website), identify yourself and schedule your match.
  10. If challenged, you have five days to respond and schedule a match.  If a response is not received in five days, the challenger may report his/her challenge as a default.
  11. Once you reply to a challenge, try to schedule your match in the next one to two weeks.  If you are unable to schedule a match within that time frame (we all get busy), think about allowing the challenger to record a default so they can continue to challenge up the ladder.  Let’s do everything we can to work with each other to schedule mutually convenient matches.
  12. The person challenged gets to choose their “home court”–anywhere in Owatonna.  Matches can be played indoors or outdoors (note that if the match is played indoors at West Hills, the normal West Hills membership and court fees apply).  Do everything you can to schedule a mutually convenient location and time.
  13. The challenger supplies a new can of balls for the match.
  14. The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the results within 24 hours of playing the match.  Report your scores to matthokansontennis@gmail.com.
  15. Matches are best two out of three sets.  If players split the first two sets, the match will be decided by a super-tiebreaker (first player up to 10 points, win by 2 points).
  16. Once a match has been completed, the loser does not have a right to re-challenge the winner until at least one week has elapsed.
  17. Any questions or controversies may be directed to Matt Hokanson at matthokansontennis@gmail.com or call him at (218) 407-0742.
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