OTA Memorial and Donation Program

The OTA Memorial and Donation Program was initiated in an effort to provide some benches in the West Hills Tennis facility in memory of Scott Wolesky who was an avid tennis player and active tennis community member for many, many years. As others became aware, they were interested in providing donations towards additional benches, as individuals and as groups.


  1. OTA is a non-profit organization so your donation is tax deductible
  2. Write a check to OTA and in the memo section write “Memorial and Donation”
    1. If the donation is intended to be in memory of, identify who (providing a short story would be helpful but not required)
    2. Make sure to provide your name and address if you would like a receipt for tax purposes.
    3. Mail your check to OTA
      • PO Box 678, Owatonna, MN 55060
    4. If you would like a name on an individual plaque of some sort or added to a group of names (smaller donations), you will need to complete the “Memorial Donation Completion Form” (last page of attached) and send it with your donation.
  3. The Program Chairs will work with Park & Rec along with the West Hills Tennis Director to determine needs to improve the tennis experience in the community. The program chairs will take input from others as well.
    • Program Chairs: Ann Baldwin, Greg Posh, and Jim Wolesky
  4. The Program Chairs communicate the approved purchases to the OTA Treasurer, who will provide payments accordingly
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